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How do I print out powerpoint presentations given out by my instructor?

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2014  |  37 Views
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To print out a PowerPoint presentation, please select "Handouts" format rather than "Slides" in the print dialog box.

  • With the Powerpoint file open, click on the "Office" button and "Print"
  • In the Print Dialog box under "Print What" (left bottom corner), use the down arrow and change from "Slides" to "Handouts"
  • To the right, select 6 (or 9) for the number of "slides per page"
  • Under "Color/grayscale" select "Pure Black and White"
  • Click OK to print

Instruction for printing a PDF copy of a PowerPoint using Adobe Reader:

  • With the file open, select "File" then Print
  • In the print dialog box under "Page Sizing & Handling" (middle of the screen), select "Multiple"
  • From the drop-down menu "Pages per sheet" select the number of slides you'd like per page
  • To print in grayscale, check the box marked "Print in grayscale" at the top of the dialog box
  • Click "Print" to send your documents to the printer
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