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How do I set up my assignment?

Last Updated: May 10, 2013  |  43 Views

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Here are the settings for Assignment module.

Assignment name - Give your Assignment a name (e.g. “Assignment 1”). Remember, this name will appear as a column in the Grade Book so do not make it too lengthy. The title entered here will be the name that students see in the course content area. Students will click on this name to view the details of the assignment and, if applicable, submit their work.

Description - The description of the assignment should include precise instructions for students regarding the subject of the assignment, the form in which it should be submitted, the grading criteria, the file type (Word document, Excel document), word number criteria, citation expectations.

Use this area to describe the assignment and explain what learners are expected to do to complete this task. The assignment description should be as detailed as you feel is necessary to meet the needs of your learners. However, it is to your benefit to provide as much detail and

information as possible, especially at the start of the course while you are still establishing procedures. Generally, the more information you are able to provide here the fewer questions and problems your learners will have completing the task.

The assignment description field can also be used to provide information or resources related to the assignment. An instructor, for example, could provide some literature, a video clip, an image, or a link to a webpage, and then ask the learners to use these materials in completing the task.

Open and Close access dates

Available from - The Available From setting prevents students from submitting their assignment before the date provided. This option allows an instructor to set a day, month, year and [military] time from which students can begin to submit their assignments. Please note that this setting does not hide the activity from the students. Instead, the student will see the activity, be able to view the instructions and use any materials you have included in the description, but the student will not be able to submit or complete the assignment until the Available from date. By default, the Available from date is enabled (ticked) and is set at the enable checkbox is not marked.

Due date - The Due Date setting prevents students from submitting their assignment after the shown date. This option allows an instructor to set a day, month, year and [military] time before which students must submit their assignment. By default the Available from date is enabled (ticked) and is set at 7 days ahead of the day and time you selected Add Assignment. To disable this feature simply ensure the enable checkbox is not marked.

Prevent late submissions - Setting Prevent late submissions to “Yes” will prevent students from being able to submit this assignment after the Due Date (where specified). If you set Prevent late submissions to “No”, then learners can submit the assignment as long as the assignment is visible or accessible to them but their submissions will be marked as late.

Grade - Specify the maximum grade or Scale to be applied to the assignment. If you will not be giving a grade for the assignment, choose No Grade.

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