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How can I edit a Word document in Moodle?

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014  |  148 Views

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When you attach a Word.doc in Moodle, you can open it up again and edit it but when you save, you are saving back to your computer. Think of it as an email attachment. If someone sends you a document, you can open and edit and save it to your desktop, but if you want to send it again, you have to reattach it.

So you just need one more step, which is to upload the edited document back to Moodle. Here's how you do it. After you open and edit an attached document, make sure that you note where on your computer you are saving it. For example you can select Save As and then choose the folder where you keep your syllabi or just save to the desktop. Then upload the document back to Moodle like you did in the first place. You can delete the old version from Moodle or rename it as "old syllabus" or better yet, include the date in the name so it looks something like this "syllabus_4_8_08.doc".

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