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How do I move content to a new course shell for next semester?

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2016  |  290 Views

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In Google Chrome, access your empty course shell that needs the content, and then follow these simple steps.


1. Select Import in the Settings block on the left side of your course home page shell.

2. Search for the course that has the content you need to import. When you search for the course, search for it by either course number (PAS6010) with all alpha-numerics together and no space, or by CRN number. Then click continue.


3. You are offered the option of adding all or partial content.

4. You will be given the option to add all or uncheck any content item you do not want to import. Remember that you are viewing your “old” course where the content currently resides. When you copy your content over, your course will reflect the new dates. The import does not include copying the “old” dates over.


5. Notice that as you move through the import process, there is a progress bar that lets you know in what stage of the import is in progress.


6. Continue through the process to completion.

Note: You will need to edit the dates in your new course site, as well as re-create any Turnitin assignments you need.

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