Answered By: Jessica Manzo
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018     Views: 10

The description of the assignment should include precise instructions for students regarding the subject of the assignment, the form in which it should be submitted, the grading criteria, the file type (Word document, Excel document), word number criteria, citation expectations.

Use this area to describe the assignment and explain what learners are expected to do to complete this task. The assignment description should be as detailed as you feel is necessary to meet the needs of your learners. However, it is to your benefit to provide as much detail and information as possible, especially at the start of the course while you are still establishing procedures. Generally, the more information you are able to provide here the fewer questions and problems your learners will have completing the task.

The assignment description field can also be used to provide information or resources related to the assignment. An instructor, for example, could provide some literature, a video clip, an image, or a link to a webpage, and then ask the learners to use these materials in completing the task.