Answered By: Jessica Manzo
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Video is a very powerful tool to use in a Moodle course. There are several ways of

displaying video in Moodle: (1) linking to a video online; (2) uploading a video for students to download; (3) embedding a video in its own player; (4) display an external video using embed coding.

Linking to a Video Online

  • If your video is hosted elsewhere online (such as youtube) you can simply link to the relevant page by choosing Add a resource>URL and pasting in the relevant link.

Uploading a Video for Students to Download

  • Choose this option if you wish to upload your video to Moodle and give users the option to download it to their own computers. Note that Moodle does have size restrictions on the upload size of content and this may not be the best option for providing video content.

  • Choose Add a resource>File

  • Note that the way the video will display depends on the software the user has on their own computer.

Embedding a Video In Its Own Player

  • Moodle has an inbuilt video player called “Flowplayer” and videos embedded into the text editor will play inline in Flowplayer.

  • Anywhere that Moodle's text editor is available, it is possible to embed a video

  • With your editing turned on, click into the HTML editor where you wish to embed your video.

  • Click the Moodle media icon as in the following screenshot:

  • Click Find or upload a sound, video or applet

  • The file picker will appear:

  • Either click Upload a file to upload from your computer or choose the appropriate repository from which you wish to bring in your video.

  • Change the save as/author/license settings if desired and click upload this file or select this file.
  • Your video will appear in a preview player. Click Insert at the bottom.
  • Don't panic! You will now only get a blue text link of your video:When you click save changes to return to the main course page, your video will display.

    Using Embed Code to Display External Videos

    • Go to your chosen video sharing site and find the embed code of the video you wish to display. Copy this code.

    • With your editing turned on, click into the HTML editor where you wish to embed your video.

    • Click the HTML code icon as in the following screenshot:
    • Paste your embed code into the box:
    • Scroll down and click "update".

    • Your video will be previewed in the HTML editor. Click save changes for it to display on the page.

If you want to embed a video into a Forum discussion, follow this link.