Answered By: Jessica Manzo
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018     Views: 8

There are two locations where dates can be set up: (1) Assignment settings and (2) Restrict access. Assignment access is for your general assignment access, when the link will be open and available for students to submit work or take a quiz and a close date when that activity is due. NOTE: Do not use the dates in Restrict access (a new feature of MOODLE2) for opening/closing activites. It is a special block created as an “if, then” sequence if you choose to only offer the next complete if a previous activity is complete. You can also control how your students can view/access different parts of your course by which eyes are open or closed. Closing the eye for a whole upcoming week is better than using Restrict access.

For these options, you must check the “Enable” box.

Assignment access for general access with open and close dates to students (Quiz settings also have places for you to select the dates)

Restrict access