Answered By: Jessica Manzo
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018     Views: 38

You would use the activity called “Attendance”. Here are the steps:

1. If Attendance is not already on your course homepage, then turn editing on. (If Attendance is already on your course homepage, then click it and go to step 5.)

2. Scroll down your course homepage to just above the first week and look for “Add an activity or resource”. Click it.

3. Select “Attendance” and click “Add”.

4. It defaults to naming this “Attendance” and a grade of 100, you can adjust the grade by using the drop down menu. Otherwise click “Save and display”.

5. The image below is what you will see. Click on the “Add” tab.

6. Put a check in the box beside “Create multiple sessions”; Choose your start date and end date; then check the boxes for the “Session Days”; Frequency: This allows for a frequency setting. If your class will meet every week, select 1; if it will meet every other week, select 2; every 3rd week, select 3, etc. Click “Add session”.

7. Click “Continue”.

8. Click on the “Session” tab and click “All” to see the days you can take attendance.

9. To take attendance, click the blue symbol  under “Actions”.

P, L, E, A = present, late, excused, absent.